how it works;

To be a part of the network, we encourage that participants be independent creative parties, content generators who contribute to the magazine content-wise by documenting their process and experiences regularly, Members of the network gain visibility by sharing their work through others who are doing the same, as covered on and in distributing copies of Quiddity Concept Magazine where ever the maybe in the world.


distribute & share

Do you believe in our cause? we will mail you copies of Quiddity Concept Magazine to distribute where-ever you are at no cost.

distribute & document

Share copies of Quiddity concept magazine with people on the street and photograph the share.


sustain the effort

All copies of our A5 sized magazine are printed on 100% recycled paper*

recieve & distribute

Why throw away a copy of Quiddity Concept magazine when you can keep it for a friend?


contribute & distribute

Do you have a blog? Promote your blog on Quiddity Concept Magazine and distributing copies where ever you are at no cost.

like & follow

Independent artists need your support. give us a like and follow on social media :)

self promotion through the promotion of others alike

what's the cost?

Dedicating a bit of your time and effort, and meeting new people in the process... that's all.


why us?

It takes some one who has walked the path that you may be on to understand completely the difficulties you may be experiencing. We are a network of artists who know what it takes to generate quantifiable visibility collectively, by getting rid of the middle-man altogether.


take your power back

Paid social media visibility and advertising campaigns take advantage of artists by making a quick buck off of you and your work in that way... help yourself by helping others and get the visibility you need without having to spend loads of money.




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